Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My Hair-story and an Exciting Announcement

Yikes!!! I have certainly had a good laugh sorting through all these old photos, but I think I have successfully curated a selection which accurately depicts my varying hair colours over the past six or seven years...

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

50 Shades of Brown

brown leather skirt

Khaki on brown on neutral, please try to contain your excitement.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Rodial Stemcell Super-food range - review

I'm normally quite wary of products with buzzwords like 'superfood' in their names (I just think it's a little unnecessary somehow?), however I have been a fan of Rodial skincare since first trying their Glamoxy Snake Mask and 'Dragon's Blood' eye masks some months ago, and so I had fairly high hopes for this selection of products from their 'Stemcell super-food' range. I tried out and reviewed the cream cleanser, facial oil and lip balm below:

Monday, 19 January 2015

Skirt & Jumper

grid print skirt

I'm stuck in an outfit rut at the moment - I just cannot stop wearing (variations of) a cute little high waisted skirt and tight fitting long-sleeve top or jumper. It is a very failsafe combination though, which is why I have been drawn to it for brief trips out of my flat to escape drowning in piles of exam revision. Here I paired a monochrome grid print skirt from Ark (which has a matching top, which I now need in my life asap) with a navy cropped jumper from Choies (a really great basic, and quite a bargain at £14) and classic Dr Martens shoes. I have been enjoying doubling up on coats in the cold weather too - this faux sheepskin SheInside coat makes an ideal layer under my (lifesaving) Rains waterproof

rains coat
grid print skirt
grid print skirt

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Denim: Top 10

I am just really into denim at the moment. I can't quite explain why, perhaps a side effect of 70s revival fashion (although I have a suspicion that Alexa Chung's recent collaboration with AG Jeans that has been all over my Instagram feed has only perpetuated it). Going from left to right on the collage above, here are my top 10 denim pieces that are available right now (and yes I'm really feeling button-through skirts):

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Nike x Pendleton / Wide Leg Jeans

wide leg boyfriend jeans

Some time in November I was invited down to ASOS HQ for a fun little event in collaboration with Nike iD and Pendleton. I found it really interesting to learn a little more about Pendleton (a brand I knew had a rich history, but a history I didn't know much about) and I left wanting all the flannel shirts and blankets. Despite being a fairly traditional brand, Pendleton remain very current by constantly working with other brands in order to create unique, often limited edition products, the latest of which being a selection of customisable Nike iD trainers. I sat down with a lovely lady from the Nike iD team to design~ my own pair - I didn't own any iDs until these (although I did already have two pairs of Roshe Runs...), and as I'm quite particular about trainers it was great to have the freedom to choose the fabrics, textures and colour combinations and of course have my initials embroidered! 

I chose an outfit from ASOS to go with my shiny new trainers (and it all arrived on Christmas eve, how sweet?!). I went super casual with this super super high waisted pair of ugly-but-cute wide leg jeans and lovely soft ASOS White silk blend tshirt, which is now on sale for a very reasonable £11 (I'm thinking of buying some other colours), accessorised with some simple silver jewellery (all linked under photos below) and my new go-to black handbag. 

wide leg boyfriend jeans
wide leg boyfriend jeans
nike x pendleton
wide leg boyfriend jeans
wide leg boyfriend jeans

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