Saturday, 28 March 2015

Happy Lil Lazy Oaf

lazy oaf tshirt
lazy oaf tshirt


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Does a Good Hair Dryer Really Make a Difference?

ghd aura review
ghd aura review

How to make drying your hair marginally less of a chore...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Girl Bands You Should Check Out

(not an actual girl band, but probably should be)

As a blogger, I'm involved in an industry built on and dominated by inspiring, independent and successful young women, and that is honestly so exciting to me. The phenomenal things that some of my friends are achieving literally make my heart swell. By stark contrast, the increased level of outrage at the recent announcement of Reading and Leeds Festival's almost exclusively male line-up (and then the following slow realisation that it isn't just R&L - Download features nine bands including women and Slam Dunk has just one act with a female member) has reminded me just how bleak the gender (as well as race, sexual orientation and identity) equality situation is in other scenes which I consider myself a part of.

In some respects I'm conflicted about even making this post because the gender of band members really shouldn't be a thing of note, and certainly not a defining factor of that band, but at the same time it's important to recognise the women who manage to go against the generally sexist grain of the music industry as a whole. If we talk about girl bands more, the hope is that more girls will feel inspired and confident enough to start new girl bands (I certainly wish I had this sort of confidence in myself), and there will be less and less of an excuse for the sort of abysmally uneven gender balance on festival line-ups of today. Sidebar: for an interesting read on sexism and the music industry (and more importantly what to do and what is already being done about it) I'd recommend this Noisey article. I'm also going to see Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) talk about her new book Girl In A Band this week which I'm very excited about, and I'm curious as to whether she'll provide me with a new angle on women in music - I'll probably be tweeting about it @hannahlouisef.

In the meantime, I thought it fitting to share some appreciation for my favourite all-girl or girl-fronted current band from a variety of genres. Happy listening - let me know if you're into any of these bands, or have found something new!