Thursday, 21 August 2014

Review - Old Wives Tail Hair Growth Oil Treatment

I have my hair dyed on a regular basis and use heat on it almost daily too, so I'm always keen to try products (and in particular oils) which will nourish my hair and keep it healthy. This Old Wives Tail (great name, I think!) 'Melado' oil is made from organic ingredients, is paraben free, vegan, and is priced at a fairly reasonable £13.99 per pot. I also think it's nice to support smaller beauty companies. 

First things first - the oil I chose smells absolutely wonderful! On a lazy day when my hair was in need of a wash, I applied the oil very liberally all over my hair and scalp, left it for around 1 hour as recommended in the instructions, shampooed my hair twice to ensure all the oil was out, then conditioned the ends. I then dried and fully straightened my hair as I normally would. It felt much softer than usual (and so I would assume that this product would be particularly good for coarse hair) and was slightly less frizzy than usual too. The oil also claims to stimulate growth; this remains to be seen with my hair as I've only used it once, however healthy hair grows more quickly than damaged hair so I imagine that this product will help! I've also used it very sparingly to tame flyaways, which works a treat. 

I'm not sure I can say that it's much different to any other oil I've used, other than smell-wise, nevertheless I'm really pleased with the results! However because it is made with organic ingredients, and is from a small company, I'd definitely take a chance on this over a big brand if you're looking for a new oil or perhaps if (for some crazy reason) you've never tried a hair oil and fancy giving it a go!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Outfit Of The Day | Print Clash

checked duster coat

I'm not usually one for print clashing, but when I inadvertently hung these two up next to each other on my clothes rail I was actually quite fond of the combination. I think because the eye print of this Zara style dress (which is an absolute steal at £8.74 from SheInside!) is not that busy, I can just about get away with it. I really love this checked duster coat too, I had so many great comments on it when I posted it on Instagram. Even though it's printed I think it's a really versatile piece, plus it's a lovely shape. Enough gushing now, do you like this print clash?

checked duster coat
zara eye print

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Trafford Centre Reopening

If you've ever spent more than an hour with me, or if you follow my Instagram, you'll know that I really really really love food. It was, therefore, my absolute pleasure to be invited to the grand re-opening of Gourmet Burger Kitchen's Trafford Centre restaurant. I hopped on a bus to check it out a couple of weeks ago with my friend Toni. 

Aesthetically, the restaurant has had a total refresh. It looks great, quite simple but warm and inviting, just the right level of lighting (bright enough to see your food properly but not quite bright enough for photos with no flash), definitely a pleasant place to be. Now more importantly, the food. I had the 'Camemburger', which consists of one (juicy and cooked to my liking) burger patty, a hash brown, onion jam, truffle mayo, and of course a big chunk of Camembert. This is one of my favourites on the GBK menu, the crispy hash brown really makes it in my opinion! I'm also a fan of the Camembert and Cranberry Chicken Burger and the Avocado Bacon Burger. On the side, we got sweet potato fries (with the most amazing baconaise) and GBK's delicious skinny fries, and we started with some yummy Halloumi bites too. I also had a milkshake (Oreo flavour - so big and thick that it's pretty much a meal in itself!) and new to the menu home-made lemonade. Everything was absolutely delicious, we both left full to bursting! I do feel like GBK is underrated on the whole, as far as chains go I've always enjoyed my meals there and can usually manage to spend under a tenner unless I really fancy a milkshake (the milkshakes are really excellent, so it can be tough to resist). It's a great go-to for a fail-safe meal out, especially on Sunday-Thursday when I get 30% student discount!

Are you a GBK fan? And did you enjoy this post? I really want to incorporate more lifestyle-y things into my blog! 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Outfit Of The Day | Palazzo Pants

palazzo pants

Top - Glamorous* | Trousers - Primark | Necklace - Empty Casket* | Sunglasses - Matalan* | Sandals - New Look* | Bag - Missguided*

Wide leg trousers and I are still very much having a moment. They're just so damn comfortable, I don't think I'm going to be able to wean myself off! This pair, like the pair I blogged about here, are from Primark. The print is really cool and I think that the fact that they are monochrome makes them a tiny bit more chic (for want of a better word) than the browns and reds of the super boho style palazzo pants that are everywhere at the moment. I find that the easiest way to wear them is with tiny tops - they don't necessarily have to be tight fitting, but I think that having something cropped just above the waistline of my wide leg trousers means I avoid looking like I'm too swamped in fabric. This top from Glamorous is great for that, and I love the lacy detailing around the hem! 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Outfit Of The Day | Classic White T-shirt


For a while, my wardrobe has been missing a really great plain white t-shirt. I have some nice crops, plenty of band shirts and the odd vest, but no t-shirt, so I jumped at the chance to own a little piece of luxury in this T by Alexander Wang classic white t-shirt from Harvey Nichols. £67 is undeniably a lot for a t-shirt, however many wouldn't hesitate to pay that for a high street quality dress they'll wear once, so my thinking is why not reinvest that in an excellent quality basic which can be worn until it goes that unavoidable yellowish grey. 

Anyway, for one of the Disaronno Terrace events I blogged about here, I wore mine with these gorgeous culottes and some clunky Stella McCartney-esque shoes from Pretty Little Thing, ASOS duster coat and Missguided white bag. I finished off my outfit with a red lip in the form of Limecrime's Red Velvet. Thoughts?

stella mccartney dupe