Thursday, 29 May 2014

Outfit Of The Day | Lace Print

Dress - OMG Fashion* | Hat - Missguided* | Boots - Topshop

You might remember that I was lucky enough to see Miley Cyrus courtesy of BooHoo a couple of weeks ago - here is the outfit I wore! 'What should I wear to a gig?' is a question I am frequently asked on Tumblr, but my answer is always the same - it totally depends! Because we were seated for Miley, and it was at the huge Phones 4U Arena rather than one of the sweaty little pubs and clubs that most shows I go to are at, I took the opportunity to dress up a little. Speaking of gigs, I'm very excited to announce that I will be in the VIP Box with BooHoo for One Direction in Manchester on Saturday! I will be live tweeting and Instagramming throughout so be sure to follow me!
Anyway... this dress, which has a real For Love And Lemons vibe to it (check out that brand here or on ASOS here, if you're not familiar), is from OMG Fashion - I love the faux lace effect of the print on the top half! Worn with my Missguided fedora, chunky Topshop boots and a dark lip (Limecrime's 'Wicked' Velvetine) I think this outfit has a real 'cute witch' feel to it. 'Cute witch' is actually my boyfriend's choice of phrase, but I will definitely take that as a compliment! 


  1. The dress is stunning, so amazing that you got to see Miley Cyrus and will be seeing One Direction, I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. I LOVE the print on your top, and your hair looks super pretty! Gorgeous xx

  3. I have almost purchased this dress so many times!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Especially the lace. I like to dress up a bit more for gigs that aren't in grubby and dark pubs too! xx

  5. Nice pieces and cool outfit
    Great photshoot anyway
    Nice work

  6. Love this dress! x


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